Capturing the creative spirit of the music created by one of the most prolific rock bands in American music history is not something one decides to do without inspiration. In fact, it is inspiration of the soul that has brought together the members of Brother Peach. The grind of the every-day, the mundane if you will, is what causes this manifestation of energy and the desire to grab hold of music so special; soul music, bluesy, country, folk, funk, down-home gospel inspired music of one of the worlds greatest jam bands ever. "The" jam band it could be said. Experience the emergence of an inspired group of people joining together in a single, common cause. That being to recreate a feeling, a vibe, a spirit of music and love and passion. The music of an American icon, the music of The Allman Brothers Band.

Bob Batchelor - Drums
Craig DePass - Percussion
John Laguzzi - Drums
Rich Lombardo - Lead and Rythm Guitar
Ed McCormack - Bass
Eric Morales - Vocals
Al Murphy - Lead, Rythm and Slide Guitar
Steve Demieri - Organ/Piano


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